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Niveko One Piece Skimmer Pools
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Niveko One Piece Skimmer Pools £18,950.00



One Piece Swimming Pools


One Piece Swimming Pools are a cost efficient solution to owning your own inground swimming pool. Our range of pools are equally suitable for pool outdoor and indoor installations. Normally these One piece pools are constructed from fibreglass or polystone material to give a strong structure to a product that will last for many years. These pools are also much easier to maintain as there is no need for a vinyl liner or tiles which over time need to be replaced.



One Piece pools are a popular choice for swimming pools buyers as they take away a lot of the hassle and extra costs that a standard concrete built pool can pose. For Example a One Piece pool will take on average around 5-6 weeks to deliver from placement of order. This will allow the customer time to get the site prepared and the hole dug. The One Piece swimming pool is then delivered on a large trailer where a pre-booked crane will be to unload on place the pool into position. Once the One piece pool is located into the correct position, a pool engineer can then plumb in all the required pool pump, filter, heater etc..... This work will take days as opposed to weeks/months when building a new concrete pool.



Summary of One Piece Swimming Pool Advantages:


Quick Installation - As they pools are made to specification in the factory and delivered to site pre-plumbed, once the one piece pool is sited into position, the final plumbing up of the pool equipment to the pool pipework can be done in a matter of days.


Durability & Low Maintenance - A One piece pool doesn't have a vinyl liner or ceramic tiles fitted to them, so no replacing of these parts is required and therefore saving you money in the long term. The Polystone/ Gel coat pool surface finishes can last many years with very little maintenance required. One Piece pools have a smooth finish to them which is also non-porous, meaning it eliminates the ability for algae growth. This will mean less chemicals are needed to treat your swimming pool water saving you both time and money.


Economical - Although One piece pools have high initial investmant outlay costs for the parts, labour and crane lift, the cost savings start to kick in massively on the installation side. Due to the quicker installation time of days as opposed to weeks or months, the labour costs reduced heavilty compared to a standard concrete pool build.



Summary of One Piece Swimming Pool Disadvantages:


Costly Logistics - Due to the size of the One Piece pools, they can only be transported to site by the largest lorries, which can mean some properties have restricted access and therefore other means of transport like helicopter could be the only way in. When a lorry can be used to get the pool to site a crane will have to be hired to get the One piece pool unloaded and into position.


Limited Options - Unlike a concrete block pool, there are a limited amount of sizes available for One Piece pools. The sizes available are the most popular, but we are limited to around 4 metres on the pool width due to transportation restrictions.


Water Temperature - Most One piece pools have a restriction on the pool temperature water not exceeding 32C. Although this is higher than a domestic liner pool where 28C is the limit and most commercial pools, if you require the water temperature any higher for hydrotherapy reasons then a One Piece pool will not be the option for you.



One Piece Pool Delivery Crane Into Position