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Reaction Electric Pool Cleaner(Out of stock)

The New 2017 Reaction -  an electric pool cleaner for less than £400.00!


Made by Astral Pool, the biggest distributor in Europe of swimming pool products, this pool cleaner is simple, reliable and efficient.


Simple and reliable because it only has one motor to move the cleaner along the floor and suck up the dirt. Efficient because it moves quickly up and down and never gets stuck.


It's not the sleekest looking cleaner on sale but it works and it is great value for money.


The internal motor sucks in water and blows it out the two triangular openings on top. It moves in one direction for a fixed time and then reverses and move the opposite way, turning as it does so. The dirt is sucked up through two portals in the base and collected in to filter bags.


Two simple clips on the side undo to remove the top from the base giving access to the filter bags for changing.


You just plug the transformer/control unit into the mains and put the cleaner in the pool . Set it to one hour or two hour cycle, switch it on and leave it. No hoses, no checking the suction, you don't even need to get your hands wet!


Two filter bags in the base 48V power unit - just plug and play


The floating cable is 30ft long. Position the power unit at the pool edge in the middle of the long side and it will easily cover a pool 50 ft x 25ft. You may have to run it through 2 cycles for bigger pools though.


Comes with a 2 year warranty. This a basic cleaner so it only does the floor of the pool.


RRP = £696.00


Price: £399.00
Item price: £399.00 inc VAT
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