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Hth Fi Clor Premium 5 Tablets 5kg

5kg Fi-Clor Premium 5 tablets (25 tablets). This product has changed its name to HTH Maxitab Action 5. Same product, different name.

Slow disolving Multi-functional sanitiser containing stablised chlorine, algicide and clarifier.

Active ingredient: Sodium Trichloroisocyanuric Acid

Dosage one tablet per 25 cubic metres (5,000 gallons) per week.

About 3 per week for an average pool.

RRP £105.00

When the change from FiClor to HTH has taken place the price of this product will increase to £69.00. Champion Multifunctional Tablets are very similar and 29% cheaper. 

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Item price £69.00 inc VAT
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HTH Fi Clor Superfast Shock 5kg £64
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HTH Fi Clor Premium 5 Tablets 10kg £136
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HTH Fi Clor Premium 5 Granules 5kg £65