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Meaco 300i and 500i Series

The Meaco 300i and 500i range of swimming pool dehumidifiers are purpose built for the swimming pool environment and can be customised to suit just about any situation or pool design.


The Meaco dehumidifiers can be wall mounted or floor mounted and come with the option of 3 different outer casings. The most popular option is white plastic but the most stylish is the stainless steel version. The metal version can be painted any colour you wish so it can blend in with any colour scheme.


Made to exacting standards within the European Union with each one been individually tested before it leaves the factory.  Designed for low energy consumption and low noise levels but with high moisture extraction rates.  


As standard the Meaco dehumidifiers dry the air and re-warm it to 2°C warmer than it came in.  If you want the dehumidifier to heat the room air then you can opt for the LPHW (Low Pressure Hot Water) version.  This allows you to connect the dehumidifier to your boiler and the air can be heated via a hot water pipe that passes through the dehumidifier. 


Sometimes for regulatory reasons or just for aesthetic reasons you may require the ducted version. The unit  can be mounted on the wall outside the pool hall and ducted back  through the wall.


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Technical Details


Model No. Extraction Rate Air Flow Power Consumed Noise Level Dimensions (mm)
300i 47.5 litres per day 550 m3 per hour 770W 42dB at 1m 780 x 660 x 255
500i 101 litres per day 800 m3 per hour 1200W 44dB at 1m 1245 x 660 x 255
800i 136 litres per day 1000 m3 per hour 1700W 46dB at 1m 1250 x 950 x 310
1200i 181 litres per day 1000 m3 per hour 2400W 46dB at 1m 1250 x 950 x 310




Model No. Plastic Housing Metal Housing Stainless Steel Housing Extra for Thru Wall
300i £1,995.00 £2,375.00 £2,580.00 £200.00
500i £2,990.00 £3,425.00 £3,765.00 £240.00
800i Not Available £4,250.00 Not Available £240.00
1200i Not Available £4,850.00 Not Available £300.00
Price From: £1,995.00
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Price starts from: £1,995.00 inc VAT
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