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The Vaporex 56 Range

The New Vaporex 56 swimming pool room dumidifier made by Calorex in the UK. Big brother to the Vaporex 34


There are twelve different combinations that this dehumidifier can be supplied in depending on your circumstances.


It can either just dehumidify or dehumidify and heat the return air (in two different ways) and it can be inside or outside your pool room. Follow our questionaire below to see which model is best for you.


All are equipped with a variable humidistat for automatic control. No special installation is required the dehumidifiers are usually wall mounted and a bracket is provided.


Extracts up to 60 litres per day. Air delivery up to 740m3 per hour. Typical usage: 1 unit for pool up to 14ft x 28ft, 2 units for pool up to 20ft x 40ft


The basic model will just dehumidify the air. If you want the return air to be heated you can connect the unit to a boiler and use the low pressure hot water (LPHW) it provides to heat the air. If you are on an all electric system or just don’t want to connect them to a boiler then there is a model with an electric heater built in.


If you are tight for space in your pool room. all models can be sited outside the pool room and the air ducted through the wall to them.


Model Selection Questionnaire.

Q1. Do you already have some means of heating the pool room air?
Yes - go to Q2. No – go to Q3.

Q2. Does the air temperature in the pool room ever go below 17 deg C (eg. you switch the air heating off)?
Yes – Buy the model with defrost facility
No – Buy the basic model.

Q3. Can you connect the unit to a domestic heating boiler to heat the air?
Yes – Buy the model with LPHW facility
No – Buy the model with electric heating facility
If, despite heating the return air, the temperature in the pool room still goes below 17 deg C sometimes (e.g you switch the heating off) then add the defrost facility to the unit.

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