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Zodiac Ei Expert Salt Chlorinator

The Zodiac EI Expert salt water chlorinator is perfect for retro fitting on to an existing swimming pool.

Easy to install

Easy to operate

Easy to maintain

Salt water chlorinators are usually installed during the pool building process but the Zodiac EI is the first salt water chlorinator specifically designed to be retro fitted. Drill a couple of holes with the drill bit provided in to any horizontal pipe longer than 6 inches and clamp the chlorinator on. Hang the power unit on the wall and connect up the wires. One more hole and a clamp for the flow switch and that is all that is required to start enjoying all the benefits of salt water chlorination.

The EI comes in 3 versions depending on the size of your pool.

Model Max. Pool Volume Typical Pool Size Retail Price PoolStore Price
EI 10 40m3 or 9,000 gallons 14ft x 28ft £1,539.00 £1,295.00
EI 18 70m3 or 16,000 gallons 18ft x 36ft £1,761.00 £1,455.00
EI 25 100m3 or 22,000 gallons* 20ft x 40ft £2,143.00 £1,715.00

we have an EI25 working perfectly in a 27,000 gallon pool

Delivery lead time on these products is around 2-3 working days

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Prices start from £1,295.00 inc VAT
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Salt 25kg Bag £24
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Zodiac pH Expert £695