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A Review of the Monaco Sun Reel

If you have even wanted to have a motorised roller for your pool cover but were put off by having to install an electrical supply to your pool deck then a solution is at hand.

Intopool, the manufacturer of the market leading Monte Carlo swimming pool reel, have introduced the motorised Monaco Sun Reel with a solar powered motor eliminating the need for an electrical supply.

The solar powered Monaco reel means there is no need to install an electrical supply

The reel on the Monaco is the same as the Monte Carlo which is the strongest and best swimming pool reel on the market. Inside the reel is a reliable German manufactured motor taking its power supply from a battery. The new hi-tech battery sits behind a solar panel fixed to one end of the roller. The panel can be rotated to a position to catch the best sunlight. One flick of a switch and the cover is pulled off. During the installation process you set the limits for when the motor stops so once activated the motor will always stop just when the cover is fully removed or replaced.

A bubble cover is not rigid enough to be pushed back on to the pool so you have to guide it back on with a leading edge kit on the cover.

The Monaco Sun Reel will even work on an indoor pool. If there is enough sunlight to charge the battery then you can use the standard model but if not there is the option to install the solar panel outside to catch the sun.

How does a swimming pool leak sealer work?

If you have a leak in your pool  you are faced with two major problems. One is finding where the leak is and the other is the expense of digging down and repairing it. Getting a professional in to find and fix the leak will probably cost a minimum of £150 and you could end up with a bill in the thousands.

Before you call in the pool engineer it is surely worth £20.00 to see if Lo-Chlor Leak Sealer will solve the problem. You don’t need to find the leak, Leak Sealer will do that for you, and you don’t have to dig down on it.

The leak sealer contains a special chemical that remains liquid when in water but as soon as it comes in contact with air it forms a solid. So as soon as your water leaks through the hole and comes in contact with air it forms a solid plug and seals up the hole.

The leak in your pool needs to be relatively small, about 2cms per day and we can’t promise that it will work but we have had many very happy customers who, faced with a probable bill for hundreds of pounds, found that Leak Sealer did the repair job for them at a cost of £20.

Lo-Chlor Leak Sealer. £20 spent could save you hundreds.

Cleaning Slatted Pool Covers

If you have a slatted pool cover you no doubt love the convenience of just flicking a switch and watching your pool cover remove itself from your pool but you may also suffer from the frustration of seeing all that scale and algae building up in the joints between the slats. We have a chemical to help with that.

Lo-Chlor Salt Cell Cleaner is a strong acid mixed with a soap and mainly used for de-scaling the plates of a salt chlorinator and it is very good at performing that task. But diluted down it can be used to clean off limescale deposits from a slatted cover and it is great at that too.

For light deposits dilute at 10:1 and for heavy deposits dilute at 5:1. Apply with a brush and leave it on for a few minutes. The acid will react with limescale and dissolve it away. It will also kill any algae. The soap content in the mix will wash away any dirt and you will be left with nice clean slats.

Made for cleaning salt chlorinators this product is also great for cleaning slatted pool covers


A Guide to Swimming Pool Coping Stones

Just about every in-ground swimming pool has coping stones around the edge. Over the years they deteriorate and need replacing. This article will tell you what your options are for replacing them.
Until recently all Swimming pool coping stones were sourced from UK manufacturers but now a nice range of Mediterranean style copings are available in the UK. The traditional UK made coping stone comes  in 2 foot lengths and are either 9 inches or 12 inches wide. There are two stlyes and two colours available. The two stlyes are called “bullnose” and “flat top”. Bullnose have a built in backward slope and flat top do not. The colour choices are White or Buff. The most popular choice by far is White Bulnose.

Flat top coping stone

Bullnose Coping Stone with backward slope

White swimming pool coping stone

Traditional White Bullnose Pool Coping

As well as the standard straight coping you can also get what are known as “specials”. These are the corner stones for internal or external corners and “radius” copings for going around roman ends (as shown in the image above).
The traditional copings always stand out from the paving surround and many people like the way they define the edge of the pool but others prefer the copings to match the surrounding paving. This matching style is typically Mediterranean and now there is available in the UK a Spanish pool coping that is not only great looking as a stand alone coping but comes with matching paving slabs if you want them.
The Sahara coping has the built in back slope while the Ardoise coping is a flat top. Ardoise has a riven finish while the Sahara is smooth.

Ardoise Coping Stone – Flat topped with riven finish and 330mm wide

Sahara Coping – back sloping, smooth and 270mm or 330mm wide

Surprisingly these Mediterranean swimming pool coping stones are not more expensive than their UK counterparts.  Below are the prices for a 12ft x 24ft rectangular pool for comparison.

Traditional 9 inch £820 .00
Traditional 12 inch £1,000.00
Sahara 270mm £760.00
Sahara 330mm £820.00
Ardoise 330mm £1,010.00

For more information on the coping stones and matching paving slabs featured here follow the links below
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The Intelliflo pump and why it might be worth £1,200

£1,200.00 for a pool pump? You must be joking.

No. We are serious. Read on to find out why.

The biggest drain on your wallet if you own a swimming pool is the fuel bills for your heater. If you have installed a heat pump then you have cut those costs considerably. Often overlooked is how much power is being consumed by the circulation pump. Up until now there was not much you could do about saving electricity with your pump after all it has to be on to keep the pool filtered. You can either leave it on 24 hours per day as many people do or have it come on for about 8 hours per day. A  1 horse power pump will draw 0.75Kw per hour costing about 10p per hour. 8 hours per day for a 150 day season is £120.00, leave your pump on all the time and the cost is £360.00

Think on a 10 year time scale and that is £1,200.00 in electricity plus in a 10 year period you will have to buy at least one more pump at £400.00. If you are considering a purchase now then reckon on one pump now and another in 5 to 8 years time. Below we will see how the intelliflo pump will save your electricity bill but consider also that, because of the way they are made, they will last much longer than 10 years.

The basic premise behind the intelliflo is that a reduction in the power requirement of the pump is way out of proportion to the reduction in the flow rate. A 50% reduction in the flow rate can lead to an 90% reduction in the power consumption. So run your pump for twice as long on half the flow and your filtration rate will be exactly the same but your power consumption will be down by 80%. For example if you run a 1 Horse Power pump for 12 hours per day and it will cost you about £1.00 in electricity. The intelliflo would cost 10p for that 12 hours but you will have to run it for 24 hours because you have half the flow so it will cost 20p. 20p instead of £1.00 equals an 80% saving. See below how those cost savings add up.

We take a 10m x 5m (32ft x 16ft) pool as our example.  Such a pool could have either  a 1 horse power or a 1.5 horse power pump which would typically be run 12 hours per day. The intelliflo would run 24 hours per day. An outdoor pool would typically be open for 150 days per year. We also compare the cost of an indoor pool open 365 days per year.

Typical  10m x 5m pool Daily Cost 150 day cost Saving 365 day cost Saving
Intelliflo pump, 24 hours per day 21.3p £32.00 £77.00
1HP pump, 12 hours per day £1.65 £248.00 £216.00 £595.00 £518.00
1.5HP pump, 12 hours per day £2.48 £373.00 £341.00 £895.00 £818.00

Cost saving is not the only benefit. The intelliflo is so quiet at typical low speeds that you simply cannot hear it. Even at higher speeds it is the quietest pump on the market.

What we like about the pump is the very fact that you can alter the speed it operates at to suit what you want from the pump. You can pre-set 4 speed settings in to the controls. A high speed for a thorough back wash. You can set another speed button to get optimum performance from your heater. When you are not in heat mode it can drop down to minimum flow mode and save the pennies.

The technology behind the pump is cutting edge and the motor is made from a permanent magnet. This means there are no parts that rub together which in turn means there is nothing to wear out. The pump has been on sale in America for 8 years and, so far, the replacement rate is lower than 0.5%.

If all of the above is not enough then the intelliflo pump is the ultimate eco-friendly choice of pump. All that saving in power consumption is also a saving in CO2 pumped in to the atmosphere.

The Intelliflo Pump - saves you money in the long run

When you buy from PoolStore you get a 5 year warranty.

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