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Pool Equipment Spare Parts

PoolStore is pleased to offer an extensive range of spare parts for all types of swimming pool equipment through its sister website

The aspectspools website specialises in spare parts for pool equipment and was acquired by PoolStore for its large database of spares

There are links from the product pages on the PoolStore website direct to the relevant  spare parts page on the Aspects Website. Look out for this link

If you can’t find what you need then call us on 0800 690 6280 and our spares expert will help you to find the part you need.

Keeping Cool & Staying Safe This Summer

Last month brought us a wave of unsettling news stories and media warnings as to the dangers of being a weak swimmer, and the risks of drowning across the nation. Make sure that you and your family are kept safe this Summer while you beat the heat by brushing up on your swimming skills.


Swimming lessons are a compulsory part of primary school education today, with children in Key Stage 2 (aged between 7 and 11) required to be able to swim unaided for at least twenty-five metres. Despite this statutory requirement of the National Curriculum, it is still speculated that one in every three primary school leavers is unable to swim. Research conducted by breakfast cereal giant Kellogg’s, in association with the Amateur Swimming Association, has revealed that 200,000 students will finish year 6 this year without the necessary training to swim safely unassisted.


Of these children, 80,000 will not even have been offered swimming lessons.


Swimming Pool Safety

Teaching them to enjoy the water safely is one of the best gifts you can give your kids

This lack of concern shown for the importance of teaching kids to swim is contributing to a worrying rise of drowning-related deaths. Every year, the United Kingdom loses over three hundred children younger than age five in swimming pool accidents – with over three thousand others ending up undergoing emergency treatment following a narrowly-averted tragedy.


Keep your kids safe this summer – enrol them in a swimming class, if they’re young or inexperienced in the water, and speak to the headmaster or headmistress of their primary school, to confirm that swimming lessons are provided for students. Most importantly, though, never leave young children unattended in (or even near!) a swimming pool.


Children can drown in less than two inches of water, and may be unable to raise the alarm, if you are too far to see what’s going on. Never allow children to be left alone near a swimming pool, unless the pool is completely inaccessible (behind a fence or a locked gate, etc.)


But kids will be kids – and in case your little ones do manage to slip past you into the swimming pool area, keeping some basic but essential supplies close at hand down by the pool can avert disaster. Ring buoys are a flotation device that can be thrown to toddlers (or any swimmer) in trouble to prevent them sinking below the surface, and a reach pole is used to pull struggling swimmers to the side.


As vital as it is to teach children of the dangers the water can pose, it’s equally important to teach them not to fear swimming unduly. Splashing around in a pool is one of the greatest and simplest joys a child can experience, and swimming is a skill that can be of huge benefit later in life. It would be a great shame to have that experience go to waste.

Is this the ultimate above ground pool?

Most people’s idea of an above ground pool is about 4ft above the ground but how about 650ft above the ground?

This new pool in Singapore spans across three huge hotel towers and is 150m long. With an infinity edge  that looks out over the skyline you need a good head for heights to take the plunge in this pool.

Life on the edge

A pool with a view

The last word in above ground pools

If you would like a pool like this it is yours for the bargain price of four billion pounds.

Swimming is still number one in England

Swimming is still number one in England!

Swimming is still England’s most popular participation sport with nearly 3.26m people regularly getting in the pool – almost 1m more than those playing football.

The number of people swimming once a week has increased by nearly 40,000 from the last quarter results according to Sport England’s Active People survey.

The Active People Survey 4, carried out over a twelve month period to April 2010, shows that 7.72% of people are going to their local pools and swimming for 30 minutes or more at least once per week.

Anne Adams-King, the ASA’s Director of English Programmes, believes this is a positive step. She said: “Although England has a great army of armchair fans, we need to encourage people to stay active.

“These figures show some further progress in getting people into the pool, despite the fact during the survey period there were significant challenges with simply getting around due to the weather!

“We feel we have turned the corner now and we have begun to engage with people who see the benefits of a more active lifestyle to health and wellbeing.

“This has been a massive team effort and we have been supported by both Sport England and British Gas in understanding challenges around marketing and communicating to both the industry and people.

“However, we have still a long way to go in changing the culture and customer experience in swimming but with the support of the pool operators – who are all now fully engaged – we will continue to grow the market and achieve our goals.”