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Swimming Pool Design Awards

The 2012 Swimming Pool “Masters of Design” Awards have been announced in America. The awards are split in to various categories and are only for pools in the United States. We thought you might like to see some photos of the pools. Some of them are not designed with sober European taste but they are all spectacular in their own way.

This pool is on the edge of Lake Michigan

Built in to a hillside with landscaping all around

This pool is a masterpiece of clever construction

This pool overlooks the Hollywood hills

Built in to the side of a mountain

This is a fibre glass pool

Water falls, water spouts and lights are the main feature of this pool

Maybe a bit over the top but an interesting design

What is worse than a bull in a china shop? – a bull in your swimming pool

If you had a china shop and a bull wandered in at least you could shoo it out through the door.

Pity this poor pool owner then who found an escaped bull in his swimming pool. The two year old bovine beast was trying to make the aquaintance of some cows in a neighbouring field when he escaped and in trying to avoid re-capture burst through a fence and ended up in the pool.

"I think I'll go for a china shop next time"

Cow being lifted out of swimming pool

"Oh, how undignified!"

The pool had to be drained and the bull lifted out by a forklift with help from the fire brigade. The bull was unharmed and the pool only suffered minor damage.