At PoolStore our product knowledge and expertise is second to none. We will not list a product unless we know exactly how it works and what it it does. But in the case of our swimming pool enclosures we cannot exactly take one out of the box and put it in our pool.

So we went to Hungary and the Czech Republic to visit the factories where they are made. Here is our opinion of the Hungarian made Aquacomet products. A review of the Czech made Alukov products will be posted later.

But first it is good to know where pool enclosures come from. There are no UK based manufacturers anymore. Nowadays they are all imported from Europe and the best manufacturers are in Eastern Europe. The vast majority of pool enclosures are sold in to the German market, the Germans demand high quality products and these demands are certainly met by Aquacomet and Alukov.

The first thing that strikes you as you approach the Aquacomet factory in Gyor, Hungary is that the place is huge! It is reassuring to know that the company behind our pool enclosures is not operating from a shed on a farm. On the contrary, Aquacomet’s facility occupies over 375,000 sq ft. They export to 24 different countries and have sold over 16,000 pool enclosures in the 20 years they have been in business.

The Aquacomet factory in Hungary is over 375,000 sq ft in size

In keeping with the huge scale of the site is the huge scale with which everything is done on the site. Massive machines to bend the frames, the racks full of aluminium frames waiting to be made in to enclosures. Acres of polycarbonate ready to be the walls and roofs. But despite the huge scale of the operation every enclosure is bespoke made the individual customer’s exact specification. The computer driven bending machines bend the aluminium profiles in to shape but then the humans take the profiles and place them on a pencil drawn line on the floor to ensure that every frame is the right shape with millimeter accuracy. Nothing is rushed, everything must be perfect.

We were very impressed by the professional way that the company is run. From the computer technology to design the buildings, the ease which which the design computers integrated with the factory floor machinery, the care taken with every item, the cleanliness of the facility and even the friendliness of all the staff. It is nice to know that your pool enclosure is being made by people with smiles on their faces.

When an enclosure is made it is carefully  packed and loaded on to an aquacomet lorry. The lorry drives from Hungary to the UK and a team of installers travel with it all the way from the factory to the site. The factory team install the enclosure and the installation usually takes about half a day.

High tech machines bend the frames to shape but every item is checked with human eyes

We at PoolStore act as an intermediary between this immense  factory and you as an individual pool owner. You can call us for expert advice, backed by personal knowledge, on aquacomet enclosures. We can give you a guide price for the enclosure you like and we can arrange for someone to visit your pool to give further advice, to show you samples and quote a firm price for whatever you require. All of this is free of charge and there will be no hard sell.

If you want to start the ball rolling with a new swimming pool enclosure then just call us on 0800 690 6288

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