The majority of swimming pool cleaners either work of the suction created by the pool pump or as a stand alone cleaner powered by electricity. There is one other type of cleaner though, one that works off the return flow of water back to the swimming pool.

The choice to use a Return Flow pool cleaner is usually made at build stage of the pool because the cleaner usually plugs in to a socket built in to the wall of the pool with its own separate pipework. Back in the pool room there will be a booster pump to boost the return flow water and give the cleaner enough power to work.

Sooner or later the booster pump will fail and need to be replaced. This is quite a specialised pump and the market for them is quite small. The choices are limited but we think the best booster pump is the Blu Flo from Pentair. They make a 0.75HP version and a 1.5HP version. We are not sure why they bother with the 0.5HP version because it is not big enough. We sell the 1.5HP version. See it by clicking here


The Pentair Blu Flo Booster Pump for swimming pool cleaners

The Blu FLo comes with what Pentair call the Logic-Safe system. This protects the motor from overload or from running dry.

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