There are two new names in the above ground pool market for 2011 and they are the Reprieve and the Oracle.  [Don’t blame us – we didn’t come up with the names!] They have replaced the Reggata and the Equinox Pools. The Oracle Pool is just the Equinox re-named but the Reprieve is a brand new pool. But which is better?

The simple answer is the Oracle, but it is more expensive so you would expect that. Much of the difference between the two pools is in the detailing so, in the end, your choice may come down to which of the pools you prefer the look of.

So what are the differences? Well, the biggest difference is the Reprieve is 48 inches deep and the Oracle is 52 inches deep. The overall design and construction of the pools is very similar in that they are both metal sided with metal struts and top rails. They both come with all the necessary equipment to get them up and running and they both need the same sort of ground preparation before you errect them. The difference is in the detail.

The most obvious detail is the colour of the side walls. The Reprieve Pool has “wood effect” walls and a brown frame while the Oracle Pool has “silver leaf” sides with a Pewter frame.  Each comes with a nice patterned liner, the quality of the liner is equal in both pools but the patterns are different.

The Reprieve Pool has a 6 inch top rail, the Oracle Pool has an 8 inch top rail. The uprights on the Reprive are 4.5 inch on the Oracle they are 7 inch. So you can see that the Oracle is a more solid pool but then it needs to be because it holds more water than the Reprieve.

The 52 inch  Oracle has a grey exterior

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