Wooden above ground pools are becoming more and more popular and in this article we go in to extra detail on the special features of the Gardipool wooden pool.

We think Gardipool make the best wooden swimming pools on the market.  The timber is 45mm thick pine wood treated and guaranteed for 10 years. Many other wooden pools are made from 38mm wood. Gardipools  are the only wooden pool to incorporate dovetail joints using a unique patented system. The dovetail joints don’t just look good they are safer and more child friendly.  The joints are reinforced by a stainless steel threaded bar to tighten the frame  which also makes it easier to take apart. The coping is one piece of wood.  Some wooden pools have a two piece coping, it doesn’t sound like a big deal but when you compare them a one piece coping looks so much better. The coping is held in place by diagonal covering piece that hides the fixings and makes the pool look particularly visually pleasing.

gardipool joint gardipool dovetail joints gardipool one piece coping Gardipool coping support
Patented Joint Dovetail joint One piece coping Coping support

Another unique feature of Gardipools is the extensive range of different shapes and sizes they offer in their range.

Like all wooden pool manufacturers they make a traditional octagonal pool and they call that the Octoo.  In common with most manufactures they make a streched octagon which they call the Oblong.  Unlike any other manufacturer they also make a rectangular wooden pool that they call the Quartoo. To complete the set they make a hybrid of the Oblong and the Qartoo which has one rectangular end and one three sided end like the Octoo. If there is a critism of Gardipools it is that their naming system is confusing!

For each shape there are 2 to 4 different sizes making a total of 11 different pools in the range. The smallest is 3.0m x 5.0m and the biggest is 8.75m  x 4.0m. There is also the optional extra of a wooden housing for the filtration equipment.

To see the full range and the prices click through to the gardipool page on the main website

Of course the great thing about all wooden pool kits is that you get everything you need. Not just the wooden frame but the liner and all the filtration kit as well.

The main items that every pool needs are included such as

Wooden external stairs.
Stainless steel internal stairs.
Pentair sand filter complete with all hoses, connectors and sand.

Pentair pump.

30 thou thick liner.

But as well as the obvious items you also get

Anti bacterial felt underlay.
Start up chemicals kit.
Cleaning kit (brush, vacuum head, pole, leaf net and thermometer).

Assembling a Gardipool is not as difficult as you might think. You don’t necessarily need to get in experts to build it, anyone who is handy at DIY could put it together over a weekend. In the video below they have excavated a hole and part buried the pool. This is a good idea but you don’t have to go to that much trouble, you only need to remove the topsoil and level the base. You don’t even need glue for the pipe fittings, they are simple compression fittings.

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