Algae is the perennial problem for swimming pool owners.  For years we have struggled to rid it from our swimming pools but it keeps coming back. PoolStore have found a new way to keep it away for good.


If your pool is green then it is a little too late for this treatment, you probably need the treatment described here


Algae is a living organism whose spores blow in the wind and once in your pool they can multiply very quickly. There have always been two ways to keep algae from forming in your pool.  One is to keep the chlorine level above about 3ppm and the other is to use a traditional algicide. The chlorine will kill the algae on contact but you have to keep a high level ALL the time. Let it drop for a day or two and you could find you have a growth in your pool. Long Life Algicides are a better method than Chlorine because they stay in the water for up to 3 months at a time and kill aglae as it enters the water but if you get a lot of spores blow in it can be overwhelmed.


We said earlier that algae is a living organism. Living things need food to eat. Algae eats phosphate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The more phosphate in water the more algae will love it in there and grow and grow. Phosphate gets in your pool from your tap water.  Some areas have very high phosphate in their water supply. So, if we could remove the phosphate from the water the algae will have no food and therefore die. That is exactly what Starver does.


Starver contains a chemical that combines with phosphates and forms a suspension in the water. Filtration and clarifiers will pick this suspension out of the water leaving it phosphate free. No phosphate = No algae.


Theoretically one treatment should last forever but unfortunately phosphate finds a way of getting back in your water either from topping from the tap or from rain run off . So you do need to test your water regularly to check your levels and add a bit more starver if necessary. A test kit for phospate levels is included with every bottle of Starver.


If you have very high phosphate levels then use Bulk Starver first. This brings the high levels down to more managable levels and then regular Starver can take over.


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