Up until now there had only been one fundamental type of summer pool cover available now, for the first time, pool owners can choose between two types.

Swimming pool summer covers are often called “bubble covers” because they look very much like a sheet of bubble wrap. In fact the machinery used to make bubble wrap is also used to make swimming pool covers. These machines produce a cylindrical bubble that is prone to weakness on the corners and leaves limited room for air expansion inside.

The traditional bubble

After many years of research Plastipac, the manufacturer, have come up with a new type of bubble that they say will change the way pool covers are made. The new bubble looks like two bubbles joined together. This does away with the weak points of the traditional bubble making much longer lasting as well as giving more room for the air inside to expand. They have also improved the additive in the cover used to protect it against UV light and chemical attack. So confident are they in their new material they have given it a 6 year warranty. That is a pro rata warranty but all cover warranties are pro rata.

The new Geobubble design

The geobubble is available on two types of material. The curiously named Sol + Guard material is a clear material and 500 microns thick. This clear material is the best for “solar gain” , that is gaining extra heat in the water due to the sun shining down on it. It is not so good at retaining the heat at night. Very many of these covers are sold overseas to places with sunny days and warmer nights. Also available is the 600 micron blue top with silver underside cover. Blue is the traditional colour choice for most pool owners and the silver underside reflects the heat back in to the pool at night and so tends to be more popular in cooler climates (like the UK).

600 micron blue/silver material

The Clear Sol + Guard 500 micron material

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