Every autumn pool owners buy their winterising chemicals but how many of them study the label and take note of the recommended doses?
Winterising chemicals can come in 5 litre, 3 litre, 2 litre or 1 litre bottles and they all have different pool volumes that they can dose.
Despite what it may say on the lablel, winterisers will last for about 3 months so to get 6 months of protection you will need to dose your pool twice. Once in October and again in January.
The contents are mostly water with the “good stuff”, the algicide, in varying concentrations. So to cut through the confusion we have come up with our pound cost dosage comparison. We have standardised our pool volume to 10,000 gallons and our longevity to one 3 month span.
You don’t have to use winter algicide, some summer algicides will do the winterising job just as well so we have included them too.
Reading across the table Perfect Super Concentrate comes in a 1 litre bottle and will treat 26,000 gallons. That means you need  0.4 litres to treat 10,000 gallons. At a cost of £24.00 for 1 litre that means it costs £9.60 to treat 10,000 gallons. Compare that to the popular Kleen Pool Brand and you’ll see it costs £22.50 to treat 10,000 gallons.  Worse still is Clear n Clean at £33.60 per 10,000 gallons.  That is why we don’t sell them!
Chemical name Container size Gallons container will treat Litres required to dose 10,000 gallons Container
Cost per 10,000 gallons
Perfect Super Concentrate 1 litre 26,000 0.4 £24.00 £9.60
Champion Winterclear 5 litres 12,000 4.2 £21.00 £17.64
Blue Horizons Wintertime 5 litres 15,000 3.3 £27.00 £17.82
Fi-Clor Winteriser 3 litres 19,000 1.6 25.00 £13.15
Kleen Pool 1 litre 5,000 2.0 £10.25 £20.50
Clear n Clean 1 litre 6,000 1.6 £21.00 £33.60
Blue Horizons Algimax 2 litres 20,000 1.0 £26.00 £13.00


We sell the top 3 on the list. Two dedicated winterisers (Perfect Super Concentrate and Fi-Clor winteriser) and the all year rounder Blue Horizons Algimax Eliminator.

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