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Intex PureSpa and Bestway Lay-Z-Spa compared and reviewed


The first affordable inflatable spa was introduced some years ago by Chinese company Bestway. They aimed it at the American market and they called it the Lay-Z-Spa. It proved to be a great success and not surprisingly Bestway’s biggest rival Intex have now entered the market with their version called the PureSpa. As a general rule Intex products are of a higher quality than Bestway so let’s see how the two inflatable spas compare.


The Intex Pure Spa

The Bestway Lay-Z-Spa

The Lay-Z-Spa has a more funky pump and filter unit but we like the vertical segmentation of the PureSpa. The control panel on the PureSpa is easily reached when you are in the water. The PureSpa is 4 inches higher and  bigger inside but the Lay-Z-Spa holds more water (we can’t work that one out either!).  The PureSpa has more jets, better filtration, a more efficient heater and is stronger and quieter.

Given Intex’s worldwide reputation for quality and durability we would expect the PureSpa to be the most reliable in the long term.

The Lay z spa hugely outsells the Intex version and is cheaper but overall we give the thumbs up to the Intex PureSpa.

The New Intex Sand Filter

Intex above ground swimming pools are synonymous with high quality and inovation and 2010 sees the introduction of a product that has been long awaited by many owners of Intex pools – a sand filter.



Up to now all Intex pools came with a combined pump and paper cartridge filter. The pumps are very good and whilst the paper filters pick out the dirt and debris in the water they need cleaning often and should be replaced from time to time.


In ground pools and the bigger above ground pools have sand filters. Sand filtration is the best and easiest way to filter swimming pool water. The water is pumped in at the top of the filter chamber and pressure from the pump forces the water down through a bed of sand. As the water passes through the sand bed the dirt and debris is left behind in the sand and clean water emerges via lateral pipes with fine slots in at the base of the filter. When the filter needs cleaning the water is pumped the oposite way, the sand “fluidises”, the dirt is lifted out and the dirty water is sent to waste. This is called backwashing. Sand filters can hold much more dirt than paper filters and don’t need washing as frequently.


Whilst there are many pump and filter combinations on the market they are all geared to inground pools with standard 1.5 inch solid pipe fittings. The difficulty always was adapting the fittings on them to work with the Intex pipework. The new Intex sand filter solves these problems because it is made to fit directly on to the non standard pipe fittings that are found on Intex pools. It also comes with adaptors to make it fit all other makes of above ground pool.


The filter is easy to assemble and requires just one 25kg bag of  “16-30” grade filter sand.


If you are looking to replace your paper filter with a sand filter then the Intex sand filter is the obvious choice.