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400 micron Blue Silver Solar Swimming Pool Covers Standard sizes

From this page you can purchase our standard sized 400 micron swimming pool  covers. If your cover is not one of our standard sizes then you can calculate the cost on our Cover Cost Calculator and see details of how to order.


The 400 micron Blue/Silver Solar Cover is the most popular type of  solar cover we sell.


400microns refers to the thickness of the plastic the cover is made from. The thicker the plastic the stronger the cover but also the heavier it is.  It has an aesthetically pleasing  blue top surface. The silver underside is designed, like tin foil, to reflect heat back in to the pool making it retain more heat than a conventional blue/blue cover.


The 400 micron cover comes with a 3 year pro rata warranty. 


Pool Size Retail Price PoolStore Price
 10ft x 20ft £132.00 £84.00 incl VAT & Delivery 
12ft x 24ft £183.00 £116.00 incl VAT & Delivery 
14ft x 28ft £239.00 £154.00 incl VAT & Delivery
15ft x 30ft £281.00 £175.00 incl VAT & Delivery 
16ft x 32ft £319.00 £198.00 incl VAT & Delivery 
20ft x 40ft £493.00 £304.00 incl VAT & Delivery


Having a Leading Edge Kit fixed to the cover makes it much easier to pull the cover back on to the pool. You can buy a kit and fix it yourself or you have the option of having it fitted at the factory.


Need to know how much your cover will weigh? Click Here to work it out.

Price From: £84.00
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Price starts from: £84.00 inc VAT
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