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Swimming Pool Liners

PoolStore offers a nationwide replacement liner service. Nobody sells more swimming pool liners in the UK than PoolStore so our prices are, as you would expect, well below our competitors. Use this page to get a price for your swimming pool liner. Click the button above to see our extensive range of colours.

There is a large range of colours and styles to choose from. Use our Colours Page to chose your colours. We now have a suberb range of American pool liners to chose from.

There are a lot of choices to make when deciding on a swimming pool liner. PoolStore will try to simplify the process for you. There used to be two thicknesses of liner but now there is only one, 30 thou. For the metrically minded 30 thou is 0.75mm thick. You can have a plain liner but the most popular choice is a liner with a tile band. Some tilebands can be mixed and matched with a floor colour other only come with the floor pattern shown. We can supply what ever you want, the choice is yours.

Replacing a pool liner is a tricky, fiddly job but our expert fitters have over 20 years experience of fitting swimming pool liners all over the UK. The most important thing with liners is to get the measurements right. If you are happy to take the measurements yourself we will send you an easy to follow form on which you fill in all the measurement or our fitter can come and measure it for you.

We offer 3 levels of service for liner replacement.

Gold Service. With the gold service PoolStore will give you full peace of mind because you will not have to do anything. The fitter will come out to you and survey and measure your pool. We will order your liner to your choice of colours and style and when it is ready the fitter will come and take the old liner out and then fit the new liner and refill the pool.

Silver Service. With the silver service you supply us with the measurements of your pool and we order your liner to your choice of colours and style. When it is ready the fitter will come and take the old liner out and then fit the new liner and refill the pool.

Basic service.With the basic service you supply us with the measurements of your pool and we order a new liner to your choice of colours and style. You can then choose to fit it yourself or have someone fit it for you.

We also supply and install heavy duty commercial style liners. Find out more about heavy duty pool liners and our installation service by following this link: heavy duty pool lining

You can get a price for your liner from the calculator below. We have included the four most popular pool styles and a diagram of each is provided to help you select yours. Type in the size of your pool and wall depth at the point marked "WD", then highlight your pool style and service requirement.

The cost of surveying starts from £300.00 and fitting is usually around £800.00 but depends on your location and the complexity of your liner. Although the fitters are based in the South they cover the whole of the country and they will give you an individual quote for your pool.

Liner Price Calculator

To calculate the price for you liner follow these steps

1. Select the type of pool you own from the drawings below by checking button below the drawing

2. Choose Imperial or Metric measurements

3. Type in your pool width, length and wall depth dimensions. Note that the place to measure your wall depth is shown on the drawing of your pool type below.

The prices will appear as you type in your measurements. Select which liner style you like by checking button next to it and then you can calculate the final cost by chosing if you want us to survey the pool and/or install the liner

Feet Inches
Feet Inches
Feet Inches
Cost of Liner £ (incl VAT)
Select Your Choice
Cost of your chosen liner

Note: Exact installation and survey costs depend on the distance our fitters have to travel. They are based in Hampshire. Prices shown here are a guide price based on rectangular pools in Hampshire. Pools outside Hampshire or of a more complex nature will cost more.

Our fitters do not carry out surveys of Kidney or Free Form pools. Please contact us for guidance if you have a kidney shaped pool.

How to order

Call us on 0800 690 6288 to order your liner or discuss your needs with our expert.

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