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Swimming Pools

PoolStore sells an extensive range of high quality DIY above ground swimming pool kits.Click on the buttons above to see our range or our accessories to go with them.

An above ground pool is just as much fun as an in-ground pool but at a fraction of the cost. Assembling a DIY above ground swimming pool is not hard and with the Intex Easy Set above ground pool kit they are ready to fill with water in as little as 30 minutes. All our above ground pool kits come with all the equipment you need to keep your water clean. A filter and an electric pump to circulate the water and all our above ground pools have ladders to get in and out of the water.. There are two types of above ground swimming pool – pools with hard sides and above ground pools with soft side.

Hard sided above ground pools fall in to two types – those with metal walls and those with  wooden walls. The DIY wooden above ground pools are the top of the range. They are octagonal in shape and made from slats of wood that interlock with a  wooden coping at the top. Fixed inside the wooden frame is a vinyl liner to keep the water in. The filter for these pools will be a sand filter and the pump will be of a high quality. Next in the range come the DIY metal sided pool kits. These will be circular or oval shaped pools. They have a metal frame which has fixed to it a one piece metal wall. On top of the wall sits a metal coping which makes the above ground pool stable. Although cheaper than a wooden above ground pool kit a metal sided swimming pool kit is actually a bit more difficult to assemble. It will have a vinyl liner, sand filter and high quality pump just like the wooden pool.

Although they have been around for some time the inflatable above ground swimming pool has become hugely popular, in 2003 every inflatable above ground pool in the UK was sold out by August.. The top manufacturer of these above ground pools is Intex and they call their pool the Easy Set Pool. Other companies that make inflatable above ground swimming pools are Bestway with the Fast Set Pool, Aqualeisure with the Quick Up Pool and ORPC with the Easy Up Pool. The beauty of this type of above ground swimming pool is that you just inflate the top ring and fill the pool liner with water. They have a paper cartridge filter and electric pump combined in to one unit that connects to the pool. The ease of assembly means that you are ready to swim in no time. The sides of an inflatable swimming pool come in at the top. The size of an inflatable pool is quoted as the size at he “bulge” of the pool not the water area. The stiffer the sides, the more water are you have to swim in. Intex above ground pools have the stiffest sides of all above ground pools on the market.

All the companies that make inflatable above ground pool kits also make Frame above ground pool kits. With the frame pool the liner is held up by a tubular metal frame that fits together in a circle. The main advantage of a frame swimming pool over an inflatable swimming pool is that it is more sturdy and you get a the full diameter of the pool to swim in. For example a 15ft frame pool will be the full 15ft across, these may seem obvious but on some of the lower quality 15ft inflatable pools the actual water area is about 11ft.

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