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Swimming Pool Pipes and Fittings

PoolStore sells a large range of pool fittings and the pipes to connect them

Skimmers: Skimmers are installed at the waterline of the pool and are responsible for removing debris, leaves, and other floating particles from the pool's surface. They contain a basket or debris trap that collects the debris, preventing it from entering the pool's circulation system.

Returns: Return fittings are outlets through which filtered and treated water is returned back into the pool. They are strategically placed around the pool to ensure even distribution of clean and treated water. Return fittings can be adjustable, allowing you to direct the flow of water for optimal circulation.

Main Drains: Main drains are typically located at the deepest point of the pool and are responsible for removing water from the bottom of the pool. They help in the overall circulation and filtration process by pulling water from the pool and directing it towards the pump and filter system.

Drain Covers: Drain covers are protective grates that cover the main drains. They help prevent entrapment accidents by ensuring that swimmers cannot get caught in the powerful suction created by the main drains. It's important to comply with safety regulations and use drain covers that meet the required standards.

Inlets: Inlets, also known as eyeballs or jets, are fittings that release water back into the pool. They play a key role in maintaining proper water circulation and distribution of chemicals. Inlets can be adjustable to control the flow and direction of water, providing a more customized swimming experience.

Vacuum Fittings: Vacuum fittings are designed to connect the pool's suction line to a pool vacuum or automatic cleaner. They allow for efficient and effective cleaning by providing a suction source for removing debris from the pool floor and walls.