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Ardoise Copings
Ardoise Copings £1,144.00
Sahara Copings
Sahara Copings £869.00
Sahara Paving Slabs
Qty : 
Sahara Paving Slabs £58.00
Standard Coping
Standard Coping £1,185.00
Coping Stone Grout Mix
Coping Stone Grout Mix £62.00

Swimming Pool Coping Stones

PoolStore sells three ranges of swimming pool coping stones. 


In Britain the most popular type of pool coping stone has always been the smooth white stone, 2ft long, with a bullnose edge and with an inbuilt slope away from the pool. The copings are 9 or 12 inches wide. These are our Standard Swimming Pool Coping. Being white in colour there are no paving stones available to match the colour of the copings.


Mediterranean swimming pools often have a more natural stone finish and are frequently flat topped instead of sloping. Our Sahara and Ardoise range are Mediterranean style and the paving slabs to match them are also available. Having the copings stone matching the adjacent paving stones make the pool surround look stunning. European stones are made in metric sizes, typically 500mm long and 330mm wide.


You can read a guide to Swimming Pool Coping Stones on our Blog