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Product Listing

Endless Pool Fastlane Counter Current Units
Endless Pool Fastlane Counter Current Units £7,095.00
Certikin Swimfit Counter Current Unit
Certikin Swimfit Counter Current Unit £305.00


Swimming Pool Counter Current Units



Counter current units can be either installed in a swimming pool at the construction stage or retro fitted afterwards.


The Fast Lane counter current unit is a great addition to any existing swimming pool. Simply roll it across your pool deck and drop it in the water. 


The Certikin built in counter current unit is designed for small domestic pools and will ideally be installed at the pool construction stage. Different face plate options means that it can be fitted to concrete, liner or pre-fabricated swimming pools.



Why have a counter current in your pool?


1. Ideal for low impact exercise, therapy and fun.

2. Adjustable speed setting suitable for all swimming levels.

3. Can be fitted in virtually any pool.

4. Swim without having to turn.

5. Ideal for smaller pools where it can be more difficult to swim in.