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Walu bar supported safety covers for swimming pools

Walu Pool Safety Covers

Walu pool safety covers are the finest bar supported safety covers on the market

Strong but lightweight aluminium bars span across the width of your pool and in between each bar is a fabric panel. The end bars are fixed to the deck with a webbing strap and then tensioned to make a firm cover that seals off your pool making it safe.

To take the cover off you release the tension and roll the bars bars away using a manual crank handle or an electrical removal tool. As you roll the bar it gathers up the sheeting and all of the other bars until you have rolled it off the end. To replace the cover you simply pull on a webbing strap to unwind the cover.

The Walu cover comes in two different models

The Starlight

The Walu starlight cover is the most refined version. The support poles are reversed so that the half round sections are underneath the cover. This gives the surface of the cover an aesthetically pleasing flattened profile. The reversed poles also make the winding and unwinding operation much smoother. Because the bars sit inside the coping the starlight can't be fitted to kidney shaped pools. Available in all 8 colours.

The Evolution

The Walu Evolution cover is the most popular version. The support poles are half round and on top of the cover. The evolution can be made for rectangular or kidney or free form shaped pools. Available in all 8 colours.

Choose from upto 7 different colours

How much do they cost?

A Walu cover takes the place of a summer solar cover, the roller to take the summer cover off, a winter debris cover and other safety features like an immersion alarm or barricade fencing.

Type your pool size in the calculator below to obtain an estimate of the cost for each type of cover

Measurements in Feet

My pool size is feet wide and feet long

Walu Evolution cover

Walu Starlight cover

Measurements in Metres

My pool size is meters wide and meters long

Walu Evolution cover

Walu Starlight cover

What if I have a Roman End or Step Unit?

Roman Ends or side step units can be easily incorporated in to a Walu cover. Work out the cost of the rectangular part of your pool using the calculator above and then reckon on an extra cost of about £400 on top of the price shown.

How do I order a cover?

The above prices are an accurate estimate. We will quote you for the exact Walu cover that you require. Please contact us with your pool dimensions and we'll get back to with a firm price within 24 hours.

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Further information

Download the manufacturer's brochures for each type of cover