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Heavy Duty Commercial Swimming Pool Liners

PoolStore offers a nationwide service for heavy duty swimming pool lining. Heavy duty pool liners are usually used in commercial situations but many domestic pool owners are now having them installed. No matter what the size or shape of your pool we can put a liner in it. Whether it is for a home, a school, leisure centre, holiday park, commercial or domestic, we can prepare and install a heavy duty liner for you.

What is the difference between a heavy duty pool liner and a regular pool liner?

A typical domestic liner is cut and welded in a factory using measurements provided to them by us (or you) and brought to site as a completed item where it will be installed in the pool shell. Heavy duty liners are installed on site. They are known within the pool trade as "on site liners". We arrive on site with the liner material in rolls. We measure the pool and cut the material on site then with our specialist tools we weld the liner in the pool to give a perfect fit.

What are the advantages of on site heavy duty lining?

Normal domestic liners are made from vinyl that is 0.75mm thick. The material used for on site lining is 1.5mm thick vinyl with an internal polyester mesh. This means... The liner will be much more robust and hard wearing. This is an important requirement for a school or holiday park pool but just as important for a private pool. All our on site liners come with a 10 year warranty but you could expect to get 20 years useful life from one. You can run your pool at up to 32C (90F). The maximum temperature for a domestic liner is 28C (82F). For many people 28C is not warm enough, many prefer a temperature of 30C. That temperature would greatly shorten the life of a domestic liner, no problem to an on site heavy duty liner though. Fix a leaking concrete shell. If your pool was built as a concrete pool but is now leaking then installing an on site liner will seal that leak making a perfect solution to refurbishing a swimming pool that has seen better days. Always a perfect fit. Because it is measured on site the liner will always fit perfectly no matter how complicated the shape of the pool. Steps in the same colour. Instead of a white fibreglass step unit you can have steps that are the same pattern and colour as the main body of the pool.

How does the PoolStore service work?

Start by getting rough price for the materials and installation from our price calculator. You will notice that the price is about 2.5 to 3 times the cost of a domestic liner.

Contact us and we can discuss your individual requirements. We have a more complex calculator on our computors and with your full details we can give you a firm price. Our contact details are at the bottom of the page.

The work will be carried out by two different teams. The first team (it may only need one person) will prepare the pool for the second team. This includes draining the pool, taking out the old liner, making sure the pool fittings are suitable, etc. If any non-liner related work needs doing this team can do it, new copings or a new pump for example. When the pool is ready the second team will come in. The second team are the trained experts. They will cut and weld the liner. This team does nothing but on site lining and they have been doing it for over 20 years so you can rest assured they know what they are doing and will leave a perfect job. With your location and measurments we can give a firm price for the work done by the second team but the work by the first team varies depending on what is required.

What colours can I have?

The colour range for on site liners is different from the range available for domestic liners. Here are some examples of what is available. We can send you samples of the actual material so you can see the quality and colours close up. Click on the small image to see a larger version.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a tile band?

Yes you can. We can weld a mosiac style tileband to the top of any wall/floor pattern

Can I bring the price down by using the thinner, domestic material?

No. The domestic material is too thin for the welding process used.

Can I use on site lining on an existing concrete pool?

Yes but the pool requires a bit more preparation. The skimmers, main drain and inlets will all need to be replaced. The price from the calcualtor does not include for this preparation work.

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