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Swimming Pool Covers 

PoolStore is the biggest seller of swimming pool covers in the UK.

 The two main types of  swimming pool covers are the solar cover used in the summer to keep the heat in the swimming pool and the winter debris cover used in the winter to keep leaves etc out of the pool water. In addition to these two covers you can also buy safety covers to help prevent children and pets from accidentally falling in he water.

The solar cover is made from high quality plastic with a UV stabiliser to resist attack by sun light. The cover has a flat top and air bubbles on the underside to help insulate the swimming pool and to make it float. When the sun shines on the cover it lets the heat through and our solar swimming pool covers are made with a silver underside to reflect the heat back in to the pool water.

The solar cover is left on the swimming pool all the time it is not in use and withdrawn from the pool using a swimming pool roller.These are a set of aluminium tubes that telescope to the correct width for your pool and a set of webbing straps attach the cover to the roller. The roller tube sits on endstands and they can be fixed to the ground or have wheels on them to move them around. 

The winter cover is made from a very fine mesh almost too fine to see but it lets rain fall through so it does not gather on the cover. The mesh has webbing sewn on to it and the webbing straps are buckled to ground fixing springs to keep tension in the cover. For bigger swimming pools the winter cover can have straps that criss cross the pool to get better tension.

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