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Swimming Pool Heaters

PoolStore sells a full range of swimming pool heaters to suit any swimming pool from a 10ft splasher pool to a semi-commercial swimming pool.

When choosing a swimming pool heater the first thing you need to decide is what source of energy you are going to use. If you have mains gas then look first at the gas fired swimming pool heaters. Probably the best gas pool heater is the  the Certikin Genie boiler because it is the only condensing boiler on the market. This means that it is more energy efficient than conventional heaters. 

If you don’t have gas or your pool is not very big then look at electricity. There are two types of electric swimming pool heaters,, the direct heater like the Elecro and the Thermalec swimming pool heaters or the Heat Pump. The  Swimming Pool Heat Pump  uses much less electricity but is much more expensive to buy than a direct electric model. If you have a pool volume of less than 5,000 gallons then an Elecro heater is the one for you.

If you have a big pool the direct electric heaters are going to be very costly on electricity so an Oil fired swimming pool heater may be best for you. Oil is an expensive form of heating so before commiting to an oil heater see if a heat pump would be suitable.

swimming pool heat exchanger  connects to your existing domestic boiler from a feed pipe before your radiator system. It utilises any spare capacity your boiler has in the summer when it is not required to heat your house. It is cheap to buy but involves a lot of pipework.

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