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Winter Safety Covers Standard Sizes

Swimming Pool Winter Safety Covers

Affordable, high quality winter safety covers only available from PoolStore

Made in the USA to exacting US safety standards they are the number one safety cover in America and Poolstore was the first company to introduce this product to the UK. These covers are strong enough to prevent children, adults and pets from falling through and drowing. They are even strong enough to hold an elephant!

Non standard sizes are made to order and shipped by air frieght from the USA.

How winter safety covers work

The fabric of the cover is the same as in a winter debris cover, a very fine Polypropolene mesh, UV stabilised and chlorine and mildew restistant.

The difference with the safety cover is that the webbing straps are much stronger, they criss cross from side to side and up and down the pool and, most importantly, it is sewn on BOTH sides of the fabric.

The spring clips are much bigger and stronger than ordinary 'p' clips and they are fixed to the ground by retractable brass fittings.

Brass Components

Corrosion and rust proof brass components are used throughout the cover. Threaded anchors conveniently recess flush with the pool deck when not in use. While others are using inexpensive aluminum caps to prevent fraying, we only use brass caps (painted black) to finish off each strap.

Heavy Duty Springs

Our unique spring design is angled down at both the front and the back which prevents gaps between the cover and the pool deck, keeping wind and debris out. We finished off the spring with our signature E-Z Adjust locking device, which allows you to tighten the strap without a buckle – saving time and hassle.

Triple Stitching

Great cover components are nothing without quality stitching. The dashed lines on the strapping (green, tan or blue) are decorative. The real strength is the black bonded thread, triple stitched into our cover. The applied finish to a bonded thread has excellent abrasion resistance improving durability, strength, and life span.

Box and X-Stitch

Critical intersections receive both a Box and X-Stitch using UV resistant GORE® TENARA® thread, which remains flexible and strong during extreme hot or cold, will not absorb water, resists acid rain, salt water, and freezing.


Double webbing sets our covers apart from the rest. Instead of the webbing stopping 18 inches from the covers edge we sew the webbing across the entire cover A layer of webbing is triple stitched on both sides making the cover super strong and safe. The webbing is specially fabricated with a tensile strength of approximately 4,000 pounds per square inch.

This donkey was lucky that the pool was empty. The standard cover is a write-off but a winter safety cover would have kept it out of the pool