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Thermecro Evacuated Tube Solar Heating System
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Solar Heating for Swimming Pools

Heating a swimming pool using solar energy has always been a good idea, free heat from the sun is always preferable to a large gas or electric bill.

We have three very different types of solar pool heater. At the enrty level is the Keops Solar Pod. A very simple device designed for small above ground pools. The pool water goes through a black spiral coil under a perspex dome and absorbs the heat from the sun. Simple, cheap and effective.

We also sell the PoolSolar matting. This is more hi-tech but still quite cheap. Typically installed on a roof, it has rubber matting with many tubes. The water goes through the black tubes, absorbs the heat and goes back to the pool.

At the high end of the scale is the Thermecro system. This has glass tubes that are coated in silver and have had all the air taken out, very similar to a thermos flask. The pool water goes through a second tube within the glass tube and  the combination of the glass and the vacuum create a great deal of heat to be taken up by the water passing through. They are typically ground mounted and come complete with mounting frame.

If you want more information please read our Blog Posting on the pros and cons of solar heating