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12ft x 30in Easy Set Pool
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15ft x 48in Easy Set Pool
Intex Prism Frame Pools

What is a splasher pool?

A splasher pool is the name given to the type of swimming pool that can be easily erected in the garden with very little preparation. They are only used in the summer and packed away in the winter. Typically these pools will be sold by toy shops as well as expert pool dealers like PoolStore.

How is a splasher pool different from an Above Ground Pool?

A splasher pool is an above ground pool but in the pool industry we tend to refer to an above ground pool as a pool that has solid metal or wooden sides and requires ground preparation before erection. Above ground pools are a semi-permanent installation they  are left up in winter and always sold by pool dealers.

Why would I buy a splasher pool?

If you want a pool that can be erected in less than an hour and you dont want to dig up your garden then a splasher pool is for you.Both frame and inflatable swimming pools have recently become hugely popular although they have been around for some time. The market leader in these types of garden splasher pools is Intex. Their premium product is the Intex Ultra Frame Pool. They also make the Intex Easy Set Pool. With the Intex Easy Set pool you just inflate the top ring and fill the pool liner with water. The Intex Ultra Frame Pool has a tubular metal frame with is very easy to put together. The liner hangs from the frame. They both have a paper cartridge filter and electric pump combined in to one unit to circulate and filter the water. The ease of assembly means that you are ready to swim in no time. The sides of an inflatable swimming pool come in at the top. The size of an inflatable pool is quoted as the size at the “bulge” of the pool not the water area. The stiffer the sides, the more water you have to swim in. Intex pools have the stiffest sides of all pools on the market so Intex pools have the greatest swimming area.

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