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Dolphin Supreme M500 Auto Cleaner

The Dolphin Supreme M500 is the new generation in robotic pool cleaners, replacing the Dolphin M5.

 The Dolphin M500 takes its place at the top of the league of most advanced automatic swimming pool cleaners. It looks the same as its sister model the M400 but can clean bigger pools and it has wireless remote control and can now be controlled via Bluetooth on the MY Dolphin App.

Now with a choice of filter cartridges for picking up the really small dust in the pool or the usual filter bags for more coarse filtration

An extra roller brush has been added in the middle to scrub the floor and also prevent it getting stuck on your main drain

Unlike other automatic pool cleaners the Dolphin M500 opens from the top to gain access to the filters, no need to turn the cleaner upside down to get the filter out.

If you have a tiled pool then you will need to upgrade the pool cleaner by adding the wonderbrushes to your cart below.

Here is what Maytronics, the manufacturer of the Dolphin M500 have to say about their new baby.

Wireless remote control enables automatic and manual operation—easily set parameters including cycle time, regular and ultraclean, climbing and non-climbingDelay mechanism enables the cleaning cycle to be scheduled for any hour of the day or nightBrushes, scrubs, vacuums, and filters the entire pool including the floor, walls, and waterline .Advanced technology enables optimal and pool coverage in a shorter cycle time.Add-on extra brushing system is twice as efficient. The rigorous brushing and scrubbing action reinforces the elimination of algae and bacteria.Top-opening filtration compartments enabling easy and convenient maintenance of the filtration systemThree types of filtration options (ultrafine, disposable ultrafine, and coarse filter bags) cover all cleaning demands and requirements, from spring cleaning to ongoing pool maintenanceOne-way water valves prevent the escape of debris and ensure rapid water drainagePatented cable swivel prevents cable tanglingOne-of-a-kind clogged filter bag indicator ensures ongoing cleaning efficiencyDual motor for optimal pool maneuverability and coverage regardless of shape, slope, and obstaclesLow voltage motor provides minimal consumptionDIY - Easy maintenance at user and local dealer level.New Four year warranty (all parts included from 2022) Recommended for pools up to 12m. (40ft.) in length.

RRP = £3,660.00

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