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Manga X Cordless Electric Pool Cleaner

The Manga X cordless robotic swimming pool cleaner

A battery driven robot pool cleaner suitable for any pool type. Unrestricted by a power cable, it is  ideal for above ground pools or inground pools of any size.

Works on any type of pool surface. Vinyl liner, concrete, fibreglass, mosaic tiles.

No suitable for pools with sloped surfaces like a hopper pool, only suitable for flat floors, it does not climb walls. 

Compact and lightweight, easy to take out of the pool and transport. 

The Manga X is an entry level, floor only pool cleaner. The bottom half collects the debris and holds it on the floor of the cleaner. The top half contains the motor, the rechargeable battery and the steering mechanism. The two halves separate quite easily. Take the bottom half away and wash it out with a hose. Take the top half away to plug in the battery recharger.  

The battery is lithium-ion so it is immune from "memory" effect and gives a consistent performance. When the battery is recharged (about 4 hours) clip the two halves together. Switch on and it drop in the pool. It is as simple as that. The cleaner runs for about 90 minutes, as the battery is getting low the green light will flash. 

The cleaner comes with a buoyant circular handle attached by a 3ft long rope to the main body that floats above it. It also comes with a hook fitting for your telescopic pole.  When the cleaner has finished hook the handle and pull it to the side. It is very light and easy to remove. 

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