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Ardoise Copings

Ardoise copings are in the classic mederterrian style. They have a riven finish and are flat as opposed to the British stlye that slope away from the pool and have a smooth finish. 

Click on the image on the left to see a larger picture to appreciate their beauty.





Ardoise coping only come in one size. They about 12 inches wide.


Also available are the matching paving slabs. If you would like a quote for paving slabs please call us.


Our kits always include 2 more straights than is strictly necessary in case you chip or break one, because it better to have a couple left over than to have to order one coping on its own later on.


All prices below include VAT and delivery.


Pool Size Stones Required 345mm coping
10ft x 20ft 4 corners + 36 straights  £910.00
12ft x 24ft 4 corners + 42 straights  £1,010.00
14ft x 28ft 4 corners + 50 straights  £1,140.00
15ft x 30ft 4 corners + 54 straights  £1,210.00
16ft x 32ft 4 corners + 58 straights  £1,360.00
20ft x 40ft 4 corners + 72 straights  £1,600.00


Most UK pools are imperial sizes but if your pool is a metric size please call or email us for prices.


If you have a roman end or step unit then call or email us with your dimensions and we can give you prices. Below are some sample prices.



Roman End Size 345mm coping
4ft radius  £440.00
5ft radius  £470.00
6ft radius  £510.00


 You can order standard rectangular kits direct from the website but if you have any extra requirements please call us to discuss them  and we can take your order over the phone. 

Price From: £910.00
Please Select Your Pool Size And Coping Width:
Please Choose A Colour:
Please Choose A Corner Type:
Price starts from: £910.00 inc VAT
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