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Calorex Variheat Series 2

Calorex Variheat 2 series


If you have an indoor pool you need to do three things

Heat your pool water

Dehumidify the air in the pool room.

Warm the air in the pool room.


This would normally mean three separate units for each job but with a Calorex Variheat you can perform all 3 tasks with one unit.
The Variheat series 2 is ideal for most domestic indoor swimming pools (if yours is a larger pool you will need the variheat 3 series).  The variheat connects to a domestic boiler to provide it with low pressure hot water (LPHW) which it uses to heat the pool water via a heat exchanger but it also sucks in the moist air from the pool room, drys it, warms it and sends it back again.
The variheat is the ideal solution for air handling and water heating for an indoor pool but because each installation is different we strongly recommend that you call us to discuss your needs and we can find the right unit for your application
Available in 3 sizes and for single phase and three phase. Prices from £9,000.00 to £12,000.00
Call us on 0845 128 4373 to talk about the variheat  now.
The Calorex Variheat 2 series is a  comprehensive system that will control humidity and air and water heating for an indoor swimming pool. These efficient compact units are vertically configured to provide an ideal solution where plantroom space is restricted. For use with overhead or underground ducting.
 The Variheat 2 system recovers heat from the pool hall air during the dehumidification process. The recovered energy is directed in varying quantities back to the pool hall air and the pool water making the system extremely economic. All this is run from a fully integrated control package.
The Variheat 2 incorporates a pool water heat exchanger and air heater battery, which provide the back up heating. These are fed by low-pressure hot water from a separate boiler.
The fully integrated control package includes the following:
  • Digital air and pool water temperature setting and indication
  • Analogue humidity setting
  • Pool cover on time clock to enable air temperature set back to further reduce energy consumption
  • Indicator lights for power on, defrost, dehumidification, air heating and water heating
  • Fresh air option on either side.
The Variheat series 2 is available with either top or bottom outlet to suit ductwork layout. All that is required to enable the unit to do what it does best is a sufficient supply of electricity and low pressure boiler water.
Recommended boiler capacities are: 22kW for model 570, 30kW for model 870 and 51kW for model 1270, based upon LPHW supplied at 82 deg C
Price: £9,000.00
Item price: £9,000.00 inc VAT
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