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The Thermalec Heater

The Thermalec Heater

The Thermalec electric swimming pool heater

British made.

Designed for inground pools but equally good for above ground pools

The manufacturer claims that run on economy 7 tariff electricity these are cheapest to run of all heaters. PoolStore disagrees with this claim. We think a heat pump is cheaper. 

Single or three phase up to 24kW, Three phase only thereafter.

Heaters are sized by kW (KiloWatts)

These products can have a lead time of around 5-7 working days from order as they tend to be made to order.

Size Max. Pool Size (ft) Retail Price PoolStore Price
12 kW (1 or 3ph) 10 x 20 £2,126.00 £1,595.00
18 kW (1 or 3ph) 12 x 24 £3,060.00 £2,195.00
24 kW (1 or 3ph) 14 x 28 £3,402.00 £2,395.00
30 kW (3ph) 16 x 32 £4,362.00 £2,995.00
48 kW (3ph) 20 x 40 £5,898.00 £3,895.00
60 kW (3ph) 25 x 50 £6,348.00 £4,195.00
72 kW (3ph) 28 x 56 £6,948.00 £4,895.00

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