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The Vulcan Heater

The Vulcan electric swimming pool heater range are made with fully titanium flow tubes from Elecro Engineering in the UK

The Vulcan heater has superceded and surpassed the older Evolution range of Elecro heaters

British made. The highest  quality small pool heater on the market.

Specifically designed for small above ground pools like the Intex easyset and frame pools

Universal ABS unions are provided to allow solvent weld connection to the inlet and outlet pipe work.

The high quality  Titanium heating element is suitable for all pools including salt water pools. 

The heater is supported on two swivel feet; these can swivel to permit either wall or floor mounting

Heaters are sized by kW (KiloWatts) . The heater has a range of heating capacities defined by its KW output.

For these heaters you will have to get an electrician to hard wire it in as it does not come with any cable. 

Model Max. Pool Size Power Supply Retail Price PoolStore Price
6 kW Titanium element 15ft circle 27 Amp, 1ph £934.00 £480.00
9 kW Titanium element 18ft circle 40 Amp, 1ph £997.00 £520.00
12 kW Titanium element 10 x 20 52 Amp, 1ph £1,086.00 £540.00

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