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Filter Sand 16 30 Grade 25kg Bag

Silica Sand Grade 16/30 for Swimming Pool Sand Filters 25kg Bag

Also known as filter media this particular grade of sand is designed specifically for swimming pool filters and is sold in 25kg bags.

It is recommended that the sand is changed every 4-5 years in your swimming pool sand filter to ensure you get the best water filtration from the media.

Please note that you must fill your filter as per the filling weight and not by the quantity of bags purchased.For example the Tagelus 19 inch has a filling weight of 85 kg but you will have to buy 4 x 25 kg bags which is 100kg. This will leave you 15 kg left over for the next time you change you filter sand.

Below is a chart of the Sand filters we offer, the filling weights and the number of bags of sand you need to purchase.

Filter Type and Size Filling Weight Number of 25 kg Bags
Tagelus 19 inch 85 kg 4
Tagelus 24 inch 167 kg 7
Tagelus 30 inch 285 kg 12
Triton 19 inch 72 kg 3
Triton 24 inch 148 kg 6
Triton 30 inch 280 kg 12
Triton 36 inch  425 kg 17
Hayward Powerline Filter Combo 16 inch 50 kg 2
Hayward Powerline Filter Combo 21 inch, 0.5hp 100 kg 4
Hayward Powerline Filter Combo 21 inch, 0.75hp 100 kg 4
Intex Crystal Klear Filter Combo 16 inch 55 kg 3

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