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Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers

Stainless Steel Swimming Pool Heat Exchanger.

A cheaper alternative for swimming pool heating.

This unit is plumbed in to both your swimming pool pipework and your domestic boiler.

Hot water from your boiler is piped in, runs through the stainless steel pipes and back to your boiler.

Pool water is piped in and runs through a second set of stainless steel pipes and on to the pool.

The cooler pool water draws in the heat from the hot boiler water and this is how the pool water is warmed.

Installing a heat exchanger involves a lot of pipework and the closer your domestic boiler is to your pool the better.

The size of heat exchanger to have is determined by the BTU rating of your domestic boiler. Choose a heat exchanger with a smaller rating than your boiler. Very often the boiler is too small for a heat exchanger to heat up the pool on its own so heat exchangers are often used as a secondary or back up source of heating.

Size Max. Pool Size Retail Price PoolStore Price Inc VAT
60,000 BTU 12' x 24' £480.00 £265.00
100,000 BTU 15' x 30' £535.00 £285.00
130,000 BTU 16' x 32' £580.00 £300.00
170,000 BTU 18' x 36' £610.00 £355.00
230,000 BTU 20' x 40' £750.00 £375.00

Technical details, pipe sizes etc, are all in the manufacturers brochure.

You will need a thermostat to go with the heat exchanger. We sell the Certikin wall mounted digital thermostat at £140.00. You can select an option to include a thermostat from the list below.

All prices include VAT and delivery

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Prices start from £265.00 inc VAT
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