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The Calorex VPAC Inverter Heat Pump

The Calorex Vpac Inverter Heat Pump

The Calorex V-PAC range of Heat Pumps have been designed by Dantherm in the UK for the UK Climate.

The NEW V-PAC range of inverter heat pumps are designed with the popular top mounted fan and evaporator on 3 sides of the unit for extended UK season usage (April - October).

Inverter technology used in these heat pumps, not only gives lower running costs and a soft start up, but also reduces sound levels to a 'whisper'. This reduction in sound equates to around 11dB(A). Inverter technology also eliminates the micro surges on start up associated with standard on/off controlled heat pumps. 

The V-PAC range of inverter heat pumps only uses the Low Global Warming Potential (GWP) R32 refrigerant and the compact size of the units also have a small footprint which is compliant with permitted development rights.

In terms of performance the V-PAC range will work down into temperatures of -5C and and operate an average COP of 9.9 when the ambient air temperature is at 27C. 


Higher COP's than traditional on/off heat pumps

ABS cabinet

1.5" or 50mm Water Connections

3 Year parts and labour warranty

Model No. Usage Capacity Dimensions (cm) Pool size MCB type C Retail Price Poolstore Price
VPT12ALX April - October 14.11 kW 65w x 65d x 84h 28ft x 14ft 16 Amp £4,472.00 £3,940.00
VPT16ALX April - October 18.50 kW 65w x 65d x 84h 32ft x 16ft  20 Amp £5,566.00 £4,890.00
VPT22ALX April - October 24.40 kW 75w x 75d x 97h 36ft x 18ft  32 Amp £6,078.00 £5,350.00 

All prices incude VAT and delivery to a UK Mainland address

Delivery lead Time is around 2-3 working days

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