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The Nirvana Heat Pump (Sold out for this season)

The Nirvana Heat Pump


The NEW Nirvana FC Series of Air Source Heat Pumps



PoolStore UK is pleased to introduce to the UK what we think is the best Heat Pump on the market, the NEW FC series of Nirvana Heat Pumps, hand built in Canada using only the best quality components. These easy to install, cheap to run, simple to use and environmentally friendly heaters are a must for any pool.



As technology improves and more is spent on research and development there are many good heat pumps available but we know that this heat pump has the edge on all others. Poolstore UK have been selling Nirvana heats pumps in the UK for over 10 years, so we have an excellent track record of their performance, reliability and longevity in the market place.


Nirvana FC Series Heat pumps have the Performance and quality you demand, and now further improved with SMART FAN* technology. The New variable speed SMART FAN* has modes to optimize the COP, quiet mode reduces the fan speed to lower the noise levels further and a boost mode increases the thermal out put of the unit.



What is so good about the Nirvana Heat Pump?


Designing a heat pump is all about getting the balance between the gas compressor, the heat exchanger and the evaporator to produce the most heat for the least energy input. But not only that. The performance at low temperatures and the noise produced are just as important. To make a heat pump produce 4 times its input at 30 deg C is easy. To make one produce nearly 5 times its input at 10 deg C (typical night time temperatures in the UK) and do it quietly takes clever design and a dedication to quality. Add to this a warranty lasting up to 15 years and you can see what makes the Nirvana Heat pump stand out from the rest.



There are four Nirvana heat pumps available in the NEW extended season "FC" range:


Heat Pump Model Typical Pool Size & Type
Retail Price

PoolStore Price

FC65 (18,5KW) Single Phase 14ft x 28ft Outdoor £4,965.00 £3,195.00 incl. VAT and delivery
FC80 (22,5KW) Single Phase 15ft x 30ft Outdoor
£5,595.00 £3,495.00 incl. VAT and delivery
FC100 (28KW) Single Phase 16ft x 32ft Outdoor
£6,145.00 £3,795.00 incl. VAT and delivery
FC120 (34KW) Single Phase 20ft x 40ft Outdoor £6,765.00 £3,995.00 incl. VAT and delivery





Run your heat pump at night!


With Economy 7 electricity the best time to run a heat pump is at night but it’s cold at night and so you can’t run your heater. Think again! Below are the performance figures for the Nirvana heat pump at 10 deg C, typical night time temperatures. Even at night the FC120 can pump 34kw of heat into your pool for about 27p per hour. A direct electric heater in the daytime would cost £2.50 per hour.


Here is a summary table of the Nirvana FC Series technical specifications.


Model No. FC65  FC80 FC100 FC120 
Power consumption 2,9 KW 3,3 KW  4,4 KW   5,8 KW
Heat Output to Water at 10 C 12,4 KW 14,4 KW  20,1 KW   24,0 KW
Heat Output to Water at 26 C 18,5 KW 22,5 KW  28,0 KW   34,0 KW
Amperage 12.3 Amps 15.5 Amps 17.9 Amps 23.7 Amps
Breaker Required 30 Amp, D Rated 30 Amp, D Rated 40 Amp, D Rated 40 Amp, D Rated
Refrigerant Gas R410A R410A R410A R410A
Decibel at 10 metre 43 43 43 43
Fan Type 26" single speed Fan 26" Variable Speed Smart Fan* 26" Variable Speed Smart Fan* 26" Variable Speed Smart Fan*
Waterflow Min/Max  7-18 m3/h 10 -18 m3/h 10-18 m3/h 10-18 m3/h
Dimensions (W x L x H) 39" x 37" x 34" 39" x 37" x 38" 39" x 37" x 38" 39" x 37" x 42"
Weight 100kg 109kg 111kg 113kg
Water Connections 2" 2" 2"  2"



Excellent Warranty on Nirvana Heat Pumps:

  • Full Parts & Labour warranty in first 3 years
  • The Compressor is guaranteed for 5 years
  • The Titanium heat exchanger is guaranteed for 10 years
  • The Casing is guaranteed for 15 years - Limited



Please Note: Heat pumps are sited outdoors. You will need an electricity supply to it but the plumbing to the pool is simple.

* SMART FAN is not available on the FC65 unit.


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Please Select Your Choice Of Heat Pump:
Price starts from: £3,195.00 inc VAT
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1.5 inch Heat Pump ABS Bypass Kit £72.00
The Calorex IPAC Inverter Heat Pump £2,615.00
Sold out
for this season
The Ecowarm Sunspring Heat Pump for Smaller Pools £695.00
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Nirvana Deluxe Heat Pump Winter Cover £75.00