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Flexinet Shallow Leaf Net

FLEXI NETS – the most flexible nets in the world


Flexinets come in the deep bag stlye and the shallow style. This is the SHALLOW LEAF NET.


Flexi Nets are the most flexible swimming pool nets in the world – for picking up dirt and debris from the swimming pool. They easily bend around obstacles in the pool (e.g. ladders, steps or corners) and then bounce back into their original shape.
Flexi Net Benefits:
- Flexible ‘memory’ net – bends around obstacles in the swimming pool and then bounces back into shape – perfect for cleaning round ladders, lights, steps and corners  
- Double moulded net – every flexi net is moulded twice to provide a stronger and more durable connection between the net and the frame   
- Soft touch finish – the flexi net has a soft to touch edging to prevent surface damage to the swimming pool. Perfect for vinyl swimming pools
- Wishbone frame – the patented frame holds and supports the net at each end, making it easier to control in the swimming pool
- Skimmer net and deep net models – a skimmer net for picking up surface leaves and a deep net for scooping up debris on the bottom of the swimming pool 
- Fits all standard poles – both Flexi Nets fit all standard round poles for swimming pools
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