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Roll Sunny Solar Powered Electric Reel

Roll Sunny Solar Powered Electric Reel

Simplicity and functionality combine to produce this environmentally friendly solar powered reel - the Roll Sunny.


The Roll Sunny Solar  Powered Electric Swimming Pool Roller.


The Roll Sunny reel is a 12v.D.C. battery operated reel system.


The battery is housed in the end stand and charged by a daylight sensitive solar cell which is mounted on the top of one of the end stands.


The 4” telescopic anodised winding tube is adjustable.



Available to suit pool widths up to 6m or 20ft and is able to handle bubble covers up to 43ft x 20ft (6m x 13m) and 6mm foam covers up to 16ft x 32ft (5m x 10m).


Easy to install
4 inch light weight aluminium tube


This reel is ideal to retrofit to existing pools as it requires no mains electrical power supply or wiring.


Q. What if it is not sunny, will the power run out?

A. No. The battery and motor are similar to ones used in a golf buggy. They motor around for hours. Your reel probably only gets used once or twice per day. You would have to take the cover off about 15 times per day before you ran the battery down.



Delivery lead time on this product is around 3-5 working days from order


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Item price: £2,432.00 inc VAT
Quantity :
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