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Coverstar Automatic Safety Cover

Coverstar Automatic Safety Cover

Coverstar, based in Utah, USA are regarded as one of the best manufacturers of  Automatic Safety pool covers in the world today. This cover system has been developed over many years of innovative designing, precision engineering and quality production.


Safety will naturally always be a concern for anyone who owns or is buying a swimming pool. This where the Coverstar comes into it's own because it is more than capable of supporting pets, children  and even adults, should they accidently walk onto the cover.


As well as the important safety aspects of this cover it will also prevent the "bad stuff" like leaves, dirt and debris from getting into your pool, whilst keeping the "good stuff" like heat, water and chemicals from getting out. This can all add up to a 70% saving on your heating and chemicals costs, whilst allowing you to relax and enjoy your swimming pool more because there will be less time to worry about maintenance, keeping the right chemical and heat levels and safety. 


The Coverstar automatic safety covers are are suitable for both deck mount and pit mount reel installations as well as under the coping and deck mount tracking. There is also a choice of 10 colours for the cover fabric.




Pool Size

 Guide Price for Deck Mounted Roller and Tracks 

  Guide Price for Pit Mounted Roller and under coping Tracks 

12ft x 24ft £14,300.00 £16,774.00
15ft x 30ft £15,212.00 £17,384.00 
16ft x 32ft £15,858.00 £17,650.00
20ft x 40ft £17,650.00 £19,770.00


Delivery is extra. Typically about £450 but it depends on your location.


Installation is extra. If you want our experienced engineers to survey and install your cover then please contact us for more details.


Prices shown include VAT, delivery lead time on these products is usually 4-5 weeks from order


Email us for an individual quote for your pool. sales@poolstore.co.uk


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This is item is bespoke made and cannot be ordered online. Please call us on 0800 690 6288 to order.