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Zodiac Chlor Expert (Sold out for this season)

Zodiac Chlor Expert

The Zodiac Chlor expert is suitable for all types of in-ground swimming pools from 30m3 up to 150m3. It can be run alongside the Zodiac pH expert for a more complete and low maintenance water treatment routine for your swimming pool.



The Chlor expert continually measures the disinfecting ability of the swimming pool water, known as "Redox Potential or O.R.P" and then accurately doses the required amount of liquid Chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) to maintain disinfectant to the desired levels.



This unit also has a "Boost" function to shock dose (superchlorinate) at the touch of a button as well as an alarm to warn of overdosing or an empty liquid chlorine tank.



Delivery Lead time is around 2-3 working days from order.


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