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Zodiac TRI Expert Salt Chlorinator (Out of stock)

Zodiac TRI Expert Salt Chlorinator


The Zodiac TRI Expert salt water chlorinator



Top of the range salt chlorinator



Easy to operate



Easy to maintain



Can be upgraded for automatic pH control and automatic pH and Chlorine control 



The TRI comes in 4 versions depending on the size of your pool.

Model Max. Pool Volume Typical Pool Size Retail Price PoolStore Price
TRI 10 40m3 or 9,000 gallons 14ft x 28ft £1,482.00 £1,095.00
TRI 18 70m3 or 16,000 gallons
18ft x 36ft
£1,824.00 £1,350.00
TRI 22
90m3 or 20,000 gallons
20ft x 40ft
£2,112.00 £1,550.00
TRI 35 140m3 or 31,000 gallons 25ft x 50ft £2,670.00 £1,950.00



The TRI is the top of the range salt chlorinator from Zodiac. As well as being a great chlorinator the TRI can have some plug and play optional extra upgrades that mean you can have automatic control over your pH and you can also get it to automatically detect and dose the chlorine too. No need for extra control panels all three functions are controlled from the TRI's panel.



Zodiac pH Module Zodiac Tri-Pro Module


Click here for the Zodiac TRI pH and TrI-PRO Modules manual



Read more about the pros and cons of saltwater chlorination in our blog



You can find out how the chemical process works in our blog too.





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