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Thermecro Evacuated Tube Solar Heating System

The Thermecro Evacuated Tube Solar Heating System is the most efficient way of harvesting the sun's energy and uses technology that converts around 92% of solar radiation into heating your swimming pool water.

The Thermecro is contructed in the UK from materials such as Titanium and polymer alloys which are built to last.  

As well as being engineered to withstand the harshest of climates, the Thermecro integral ground support frame and pre-fitted solar controller means that installation in straight forward, fast and hassle-free.

The Thermecro has been designed to maintain swimming pool water temperatures of 28c - 29c during a typical UK summer (June to September) meaning this product achieves significantly higher pool water temperatures than alternative solar collectors. The Thermecro delivers heat regardless of ambient air temperatures and will even heat your pool on cold but sunny days.

It is recommended that a secondary direct heat source is used to achieve the desired pool temperature as quickly as possible at the start of the pool season and during periods of inclement weather conditions.

Choose the Correct Panel size for your Swimming Pool:

Model Width dimensions Maximum Pool Surface Area RRP Poolstore Price inc vat
16 Tube set complete kit 1128mm 10 square metres £3,064.00 £2,795.00
32 Tube set complete kit 2148mm 20 square metres £4,171.00 £3,845.00
48 Tube set complete kit 3180mm 30 square metres £5,172.00 £4,695.00

The Thermecro  Evacuated Tube Solar Heating System kit includes everything you need including the Solar controller (shown below), the Interface valve (shown below).The current lead time from an order is around 2-3 weeks.

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Choose The Size Kit You Require:

Prices start from £2,795.00 inc VAT
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