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Super Solar Cover for Circular Pools

Solar cover for circular above ground pools.

This solar cover is made from the highest quality 400 micron Blue/Blue Geobubble material

Keeps debris out of the pool water Keeps heat in the pool water

Warms the water on sunny days.

12 ft Can easily be cut down to suit a 10 ft size pool.

Pool Size RRP PoolStore Price
12ft round £196.00 £99.00 incl VAT & Delivery
15ft round £298.00 £139.00 incl VAT & Delivery
16ft round £340.00 £159.00 incl VAT & Delivery
18ft round £446.00 £199.00 incl VAT & Delivery
24ft round £682.00 £329.00 incl VAT & Delivery

The current lead time on this product is around 2-3 weeks from an order.

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600 micron Blue Silver Geobubble Pool Covers Standard sizes £219