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Exact micro 10 plus Electronic Test Kit



The Exact Micro 10. Probably the best water testing kit in the world!



The Exact 7+ is the most advanced electronic pool water testing system available in the UK.
Exact micro 10+ in use
Exact micro10+ with test kits and case

The Exact 10+ is the most advanced electronic pool water testing system available in the UK.


Easy to use


Accurate digital read out


Comes complete with 10 different water property tests. Can test up to 26 different properties with additional test strips.


How to use it. 

Simply dip the entire waterproof unit in the water and fill the test chamber. Press "read". Dip the test strip in the water. The digital display will count down the 20 seconds that the strip needs to be in the sample. After 20 seconds is up press "read" again and there is your test result on the display.


It memorises previous tests for each property so you can check the current reading against your last 20 readings. Dont worry about dropping it in the water - it floats.

Comes complete with a sturdy case, full instructions and seven packs of 25 test strips. Tests for

  1. Free Chlorine
  2. pH
  3. Alkalinity
  4. Total Chlorine
  5. Bromine
  6. Calcium Hardness
  7. Ozone
  8. Salt
  9. Phosphate
  10. Cyanuric Acid


The Big Question: Why would I pay £295 for this tester when I can get one for £12.00?


The single most important thing a pool owner needs to know is the chemical levels in his pool water. What ever you use to test the water needs to be accurate.  This tester is for people with big pools. Pools that would have cost anything from £1,500 to £150,000 to install. Having spent that much on the pool why skimp on the most important part of its upkeep?


Price: £295.00
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