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Winter Pool Cover Repair Service

Winter Pool Cover Repair Service

 If your winter pool cover is damaged or torn we can get it mended for you,


We will collect your cover, send it off to the factory for inspection and if the repair work takes less than 3 hours they will go ahead and repair it. If the work will take more than 3 hours then we will send you a quotation and we don't carry on unless you say so.


If you dont want to proceed with the repair we will refund you £120.00. So the net cost for the collection and inspection is £70.00.




Here is how our winter pool cover repair service works.

Step 1.

Click on the "Add to Cart" Button below and complete and pay for your order.  

Step 2.

We will contact you to arrange collection of your cover. Please remove all the metal fixings and put it in a box or its original bag.

Step 3.

When the cover arrives at the factory they will spread the cover out on the floor and inspect it.  

Step 4a.

If the cover can be repaired fairly easily then they will carry on and repair it and then send it back to you.  

Step 4b.

If the cover requires a lot of work then we will call you and let you know how much the cost will be. If you don't want to go ahead with the repair we will refund you £120.00. If you do want to go ahead we will take payment for the additional repair cost and the factory will proceed with the repair and send it back to you.


Prefer to do it over the phone? No problem. Call us on 0800 690 6288 and we arrange it all.


Cover collection & delivery applies to mainland Great Britain only. We can offer the service outside this area but call us for the shipping costs.

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