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Swimming Pool Enclosure Prices

How much does a pool enclosure cost?

Working out the exact cost of an enclosure is very difficult because there are so many variables. The width of the enclosure determines the profile of the aluminium structure and there are different wall and roof options. The type and number of doors also affects the price.

Below is a table showing the names of various types of pool enclosure and next to them are two guide prices for two different sized enclosures. We have chosen 5m wide x 9.5m long. This would have plenty of room to cover a 12ft x 24ft pool (3.6m x 7.2m pool). We have also chosen 6m x 14m. This would be big enough for a 16ft x 32ft pool with a roman end and some patio furtinture (4.8m x 11.3m pool).

The guide price shown includes VAT, see below for delivery and installation costs. 

Enclosure Name Type   5m x 9.5m guide price 6m x 14m guide price
 The Laguna High Level  £17,450.00  £36,980.00
 The Ravena  High Level  £19,460.00  £30,900.00
 The Vision  High Level  £25,360.00  £43,450.00
 The Oceanic  High Level  £23,670.00  £40,700.00
 The Oceanic  Low Level  £18,900.00  £30,970.00
 The Viva  Low Level  £20,000.00  £34,600.00


Delivery Charge

Delivery cost depends on where you live. All the enclosures are assembled in the factory in the Czech Republic and loaded on to their own lorries. The installation crew travel over on the lorry. Most locations in England and Wales can be supplied for between £1,900.00 and £2,100.00 incl VAT.


All the enclosures are installed as soon as they are delivered by the installation crew that have travelled over with it. Cost varies depending on the size of the enclosure but range from £600.00 to £1,000.00. The majority of enclosures are installed in half a day.


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